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Clariti helps you better organize your portfolio of content all in one place.

The content organization system for bloggers.

Clariti syncs your WordPress and Google data so you can stop the manual work and start seeing data-driven growth with a content organization system that puts you in the drivers seat.

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How can we help?

If you’re manually keeping track of your blog posts in a spreadsheet or project management tool…

If you’re not sure if the optimizations you’re making to your blog posts are actually moving the needle…

If you’re spending hours manually organizing what to update or too overwhelmed to start…

You’re wasting precious time and energy.

There’s an easier way.

  1. Automatically sync your WordPress post data and Google Analytics into Clariti

    Clariti connects to your WordPress site and automatically syncs changes to your posts so you don’t need to manually keep track of every little detail. Get a high level view of your portfolio of content automatically.

  2. Manage your blog content optimization projects right within Clariti

    Create projects with tasks, goals, and due dates. Add posts to a project and automatically keep track of how those tasks and projects are helping you move the needle.

  3. You’ve got a lot of posts. Find what matters.

    Sifting through hundreds or thousands of posts to determine what changes you should make is a headache. Clariti helps you filter your posts to surface the most meaningful optimizations you can make to increase ranking.

An picture of Clariti on an iPhone
An picture of Clariti on an iPhone
An picture of Clariti on an iPhone
An picture of Clariti on an iPhone

See why it’s the top pick of your favorite bloggers.

Even though we’re in the early phases, Clariti has become the go-to content organization system for some of the top bloggers.

When I tried to set up and use AirTable, I felt like I was missing my snorkel because I was swimming in the deep end. Working in Clariti and projects, I feel like I'm having a mental exhalation.

‐ Toni Dash /

Clariti has been such a stress reliever for dealing with all of the overwhelming tasks in optimizing and organizing my content.

‐ Ashley Covelli /

We love having all of the relevant data in one place with the ability to annotate. Seeing all of our content in one dashboard has been a game changer. Also, the ability to easily download all posts and pages into one spreadsheet saves so much versus manual spreadsheets and tabs.

‐ Sean /

Clariti has now become my go-to place/one-stop-shop for checking all my blog-related work and activities. The insights have helped me to align and prioritize my blog tasks. Apart from generating new content, the app has helped me analyze the old content and prioritize the same.

‐ Srividhya Gopalakrishnan /


Have a different question about Clariti? Reach out to our support team via [email protected]

  1. Who is Clariti the best fit for?

    We welcome any and all users. For now, we’ve found that those who have quite a few posts (200+) are the ones that benefit from Clariti the most. Clariti is primarily focused on helping content creators organize and optimize their portfolio of content.

    However, if you have a smaller blog and see yourself growing to that size soon, now is a great time to start organizing your blog content so you can better optimize your existing content in the future.

  2. When can I sign up?

    We're still in the early stages of building Clariti, and we’re currently working with an early adopter group to help provide us with feedback as we shape the future of Clariti.

    Interested in joining the early adopter group? Click here to learn more!

  3. Does Clariti only work with WordPress websites?

    Correct. We'd love to expand out to other content management systems at some point, but we'll be focusing on WordPress for the foreseeable future.

  4. Does Clariti work with custom post types?

    Yes! Clariti works with sites that have custom post types. Reach out to support if you do not see your custom post types after joining Clariti.

  5. Do I have to sign up for Clariti if I join the waiting list?

    Nope! The waiting list is simply a way for us to gather a list of people who might be interested in Clariti as we continue to build and improve.

    However, if you do join the waiting list, you’ll find out about a special offer that’s only available for our early adopters. Click here to learn more!

  6. How do I know if my site is compatible with Clariti?

    When you join the waitlist, we’ll perform a quick evaluation to see if your site is compatible. To ensure your site is compatible with Clariti, check out our support page:

  7. Does Clariti support sites with multiple languages?

    For the most part, Clariti is able to handle multi-language sites just fine. If you have concerns about your site compatibility, please contact [email protected].

  8. What is the current price of Clariti?

    If you join today, you can lock in pricing of $45/month Forever.

  9. Can I add multiple sites to Clariti?

    Yes, we charge per site per month, and you can use the same account to access multiple sites.

  10. Can I add multiple users to my site within Clariti?

    Yes, during our pre-public launch phase, please contact support to add a user for an additional subscription fee

  11. Can I cancel if Clariti isn’t for me?

    Yes, of course! Simply end your subscription by emailing [email protected].

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Better manage your blog content with Clariti

View all of your blog content—organized and filtered by meta-data—all in one place.

In a few clicks, simply add to-do’s to qualifying blog posts so that you can turn your attention to updating your blog posts and driving more traffic to your website.

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