Clariti Release Notes: Clariti has a brand new look!

Clariti just released its biggest update yet, including a new plugin, a revamped content details view, a new Performance tab, a Quick Actions menu, and top requested features like post-level tasks and retest links.

Ben Holland

General Manager

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We’re striving to make Clariti the best blog content organization system, built just for bloggers and content creators. We’re always improving the platform, and today I’m excited to announce our biggest release yet!

New Clariti Plugin

Make sure to update to the latest version of the Clariti plugin (version 1.1.0), which now includes the ability to sync review ratings from Tasty Recipes and WP Recipe Maker. It also includes enhanced security, more reliable site verification, and a significantly more efficient synchronization process.

🎨 Fresh New Look

Your content details view now has a richer, more expansive look and feel, with some bonus features included. A few exciting things you’ll find off the bat:

  • Post hero image
  • Author photo
  • Ratings for recipes
  • Ranking of content vs. content on your site in the last 90 days
  • Top keyword from the last 90 days
  • Three new tabs:
    • Overview
    • Performance
    • Content
Overview tab on the content details screen in Clariti

New Performance tab

The new Performance tab is the home of your favorite insights for all of your content. Alongside the familiar Google Analytics trends, you now have the option to toggle between Sessions, Page Views, and Visitors to select your preferred tracking metric. You can also view annotations on the graph, just as before.

New insights include the Device Types and the Traffic Source charts, which allow you to make decisions about how your audience is accessing a particular post.

You can also still view and chart your focus keyword or a custom keyword.

Performance tab on the content details screen in Clariti

New Quick Actions menu

We’ve nested all of your favorite actions (and some big feature requests!) in the new Quick Actions menu. You can now add a note, an event (previously an annotated note, which will appear charted in the performance tab), or a task.

Quick Actions menu on the content details screen in Clariti

🏆 Top Requested Feature – Post-level tasks

Now included in the Quick Actions menu is the ability to add a task to just a single page instead of having to add that post to a project.

Clariti regularly tests your links to ensure that links stay up-to-date. However, you can now prompt Clariti to retest certain links to ensure that you’re always getting the most accurate link-checking results.

Reminder: Clariti Course on Food Blogger Pro is now live!

We often hear from our Clariti community that leveraging Clariti’s full capabilities can be a challenge. There is so much that Clariti offers! With such a broad array of features, how do you make sure it fits into your workflow? In partnership with Food Blogger Pro, we put together a dedicated course to help you get the most out of Clariti. We’re offering this resource completely free to current Clariti users!

Other fixes and improvements

  • Implemented bug fixes related to UA and GA4.
  • Addressed a bug where certain filters were not functioning correctly.
  • Added the ability to create a new label on the settings page.
  • Improved header and settings page.
  • Resolved an issue where certain new sites became stuck during the initial syncing process.
  • Released a new plugin version that enables syncing of review ratings where available.

Curious to see what other updates we’ve made recently? Check out our latest product updates here!

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Public Roadmap

Don’t see an update on this list that you hoped for? Submit your feature requests and upvote items that you care about on our public roadmap.

We’ve created a new public roadmap where you can submit your feature requests and “upvote” items you care about. We’re always looking for feedback and ways to improve Clariti. We’d love your contributions to our roadmap!

To view our roadmap, please go to: https://clariti.canny.io/ (Be sure to bookmark this link!)

We designed Clariti to make the process of blog tracking and optimization easier — significantly faster and more organized — for bloggers like you to refresh your extensive library of blog content, so you can increase your traffic, revenue, and SEO ranking.

We want you to be successful in using Clariti, and we’re working relentlessly to create updates that meet your needs. Thank you for being a part of what we’re building Clariti to be!


Ben Holland
General Manager

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Ben is a father of 2 boys, a husband, a musician, a woodworker, and a product guy. Ben has spent nearly 15 years building software products from mobile apps, games, to web apps. He has a Bachelor of Science in Writing & Rhetoric from the University of Utah, an MBA from Arizona State University, and a Master of Science in Business Analytics.

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