Clariti Release Notes: Orphaned content and track changes more easily!

Clariti is the content organization system built just for bloggers. Our goal is to help you understand what optimizations you need to make with your content, track the work, and see the results over time.

As we get feedback from our early adopter group, we’re making updates as quickly as we can to shape Clariti into a tool that serves bloggers and content creators in the best way possible.

We are striving to make Clariti the best blog content organization system, built just for bloggers. We’re excited to announce a few enhancements that have been requested by our early adopters!

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This has consistently been one of our top requested features. When you are viewing a piece of content, you can now view “inbound links,” which indicates other content on your site that points back to that post. A post that has zero inbound links is considered an “orphan,” which means it likely doesn’t get traffic from any other content on your site. Fix an orphaned post by linking to it in other content on your site! You can learn more in this support article, All About Links.

Photo of inbound links

In addition to pulling in inbound links, we’ve cleaned up and organized the links section of the content details view. Now you can quickly bounce between posts within Clariti and see the title of content, instead of the long URL.

Filter by % Change in Explore

We know how important it is to track how content is changing over time. We’ve listened to your feedback and we’ve included a % Change column and filters for all of your Google Analytics data (keyword data coming soon to this view!).

Now you can quickly filter by your top content and see what’s changed in the last 7, 30, 60, or more days.

Gif of filtering by % change in Explore

H1 & H2 count in Explore

Sometimes having too many H1 and H2 headers in your content can have negative effects. We’ve found that this often happens when you migrate from one blogging platform to another. In order to help you track the number of H1’s and H2’s, we’ve added it as a filterable column in the Explore view.

Ignore Missing Alt Text for Decorative Images

Many of you use FSRI blocks or the Feast plugins. We know how frustrating it can be to see missing alt text errors for images that are deemed “decorative.” To elaborate, a decorative image isn’t read by a screen reader (for accessibility purposes), and thus doesn’t need alt text. Clariti is now smart enough to deduce when an image is “decorative,” which means it doesn’t need alt text. For these instances, it is automatically ignored so you can spend your time fixing images that actually need alt text.

Other fixes and behind-the-scenes improvements

  • Support searching for content with Unicode characters, better multi-lingual support in Explore
  • Keyword data improvements

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Want to see it all in action?

Watch the June 2022 demo of Clariti to see how to best use these new features.

Gif of June 2022 demo video
Watch this behind-the-scenes demo with our Product Manager Ben Holland

We designed Clariti to make the process of blog tracking and optimization easier — and significantly faster and more organized — for bloggers like you to refresh your extensive library of blog content, so you can increase your traffic, revenue, and SEO ranking.

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