Clariti Release Notes: Clariti’s soft launch!

We're announcing big news this month: Clariti is now publicly available!

Ben Holland

General Manager

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We’re striving to make Clariti the best blog content organization system, built just for bloggers and content creators. We’re always improving the platform, and today I’m excited to announce a few enhancements that are in the works thanks to our early adopters!

Clariti is now publicly available!

For the past 2 years, signing up for Clariti required you to join a waitlist. We’ve finally released the ability to sign up for Clariti without having to join our waitlist. We consider this our soft launch in preparation for our public launch later this year (Yes, we’re also introducing a brand new user experience coming soon!!). New users can now sign up directly from our website at clariti.com.

New Clariti Plugin

Make sure to update to the latest Clariti plugin, which includes enhanced security, more reliable site verification, and a significantly more efficient synchronization process.

Clariti Course on Food Blogger Pro is now live!

The most common feedback we get from our Clariti community is that once you have it, it can be challenging to leverage its full potential. There is so much that Clariti offers. With such a broad array of features, how do you make sure it fits into your workflow? In partnership with Food Blogger Pro, we put together a dedicated course to help you get the most out of Clariti. We’re offering this resource completely free to current Clariti users!

Support for GA4 is finally here!

We’ve all heard of the UA-pocalypse… Google Analytics 3 is no longer collecting data for any sites. All sites that want to collect Google Analytics should have GA4 fully set up and operational.

Like so many in the industry, we did our best to predict the issues that GA4 would bring. We are very excited to offer our customers a seamless capture of both UA and GA4 data. Simply connect both of your properties in your Clariti settings. Clariti will then backfill as much data as possible from each property and automatically synchronize this with your GA4 data.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Additional support tools to make it easier to detect Google Analytics issues
  • A whole lot of bug fixes surrounding GA4 and the new world Google has introduced

Curious to see what other updates we’ve made recently? Check out our latest product updates here!

Reminder: Join Our Affiliate Program! 🎊

As you share your love of Clariti with your blogging friends, you can earn up to $20 per new subscriber that joins from your unique affiliate link.

Start by becoming part of our Clariti Affiliate Program today so you can promote our $45 Forever plan before it runs out!

Public Roadmap

Don’t see an update on this list that you hoped for? Submit your feature requests and upvote items that you care about on our public roadmap.

We’ve created a new public roadmap where you can submit your feature requests and “upvote” items that you care about. We’re always looking for feedback and ways to improve Clariti. We’d love your contributions to our roadmap!

To view our roadmap, please go to: https://clariti.canny.io/ (Be sure to bookmark this link!)

We designed Clariti to make the process of blog tracking and optimization easier — significantly faster and more organized — for bloggers like you to refresh your extensive library of blog content, so you can increase your traffic, revenue, and SEO ranking.

We want you to be successful in using Clariti, and we’re working relentlessly to create updates that meet your needs. Thank you for being a part of what we’re building Clariti to be!

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Ben is a father of 2 boys, a husband, a musician, a woodworker, and a product guy. Ben has spent nearly 15 years building software products from mobile apps, games, to web apps. He has a Bachelor of Science in Writing & Rhetoric from the University of Utah, an MBA from Arizona State University, and a Master of Science in Business Analytics.

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