Clariti Release Notes: Chart keywords, track custom keywords, and link and image checker overhaul

We’re striving to make Clariti the best blog content organization system, built just for bloggers and content creators. We’re always improving the platform, and today I’m excited to announce a few enhancements that are in the works thanks to our early adopters!

Become an early adopter

Our public launch is coming early next year. We’re extending our $45 Forever plan until we go live next year.

When you join the $45 Forever plan, you’ll join our class of early adopters AND only pay $45/month from now until forever (as long as you remain a user). 

That’s right — you’ll get all the bells and whistles that Clariti offers, both now and in the future, for only $45/month for FOREVER.

Become an early adopter for only $45/month today!

Chart your keywords! 

We recently brought to you the capability to view your top performing keywords for your posts. Now, you can chart those keywords on top of your performance to look at the correlation between ranking and overall performance. 

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Also, when you select a “focus” keyword for a post, that keyword will automatically be charted when you view that post. Check it out!

Chart your keywords inside Clariti

Add a Custom Keyword to Track

Have a new post that isn’t quite ranking for your target keyword? Or have a focus keyword that isn’t appearing in the top results yet? You can now add a custom keyword to track — making it the focus keyword — allowing you to automatically pull up the chart.

Adding a custom keyword to track in Clariti

Complete overhaul of our link and image checker

It has been a long time coming (and endless blood, sweat, and tears) to bring you the latest and greatest in link checking technology. 

Our link and image-checking engine has been overhauled from the ground up. It is now far more advanced, accurate, timely, and self-sufficient. That means it runs continuously and more reliably. We are testing over 5 million links every 30 days. It’s just the beginning, but we are so glad to offer you a link and image-checking tool that will give you more accurate and resilient results.

There are still some domains that are strict about bots crawling, and we will continue to do our best to handle those domains.

Clariti gets a new look 👕 Coming soon!

We’ve been hard at work behind-the-scenes on Clariti’s new look… And we’re so excited to give you a sneak peek! We have meticulously crafted Clariti’s new interface to be more intuitive, more vibrant, and more empowering for each step of the optimization process.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Increased character count of annotations on chart
  • Increased character count of tasks
  • Fixed a myriad of Google Analytics bugs
  • Improvements to handle large sites and posts more efficiently
  • Color-code percent changes in Explore
  • Fixes to the CSV export feature
  • Many reliability and data integrity improvements

The $45 Forever Plan won’t be around forever

Before we get to our full public launch, we are offering one more round of Forever licenses, at $45/month per site for the next 200 users. Lock in that price per month now until forever (as long as you remain a user) and get ALL the updates we add to Clariti with time.

Please tell your friends!

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Public Roadmap

We’ve created a new public roadmap where you can submit your feature requests and “upvote” items that you care about. We’re always looking for feedback and ways to improve Clariti, and we’d love your contributions to our roadmap!

To view our roadmap, please go to: (Be sure to bookmark this link!)

What else has changed?

Curious to see what other updates we’ve made recently? Check out our latest product updates here!

We designed Clariti to make the process of blog tracking and optimization easier — and significantly faster and more organized — for bloggers like you to refresh your extensive library of blog content, so you can increase your traffic, revenue, and SEO ranking.

There’s so much more to come, and we would love to have you along for the ride!

Get access to Clariti today

For a limited time, we are currently offering our waitlist the opportunity to be part of what we’re building — as early stage adopters helping us shape the future of Clariti — for a super-low rate of $45 a month for FOREVER. That’s right, even as we build out new features and build updates to the platform, you’ll get complete access and your price won’t change.

Enter your information here to take advantage of our $45 Forever plan today.

Know someone who loves new technology and would be interested in Clariti? Send them this blog post so that they can help us shape the future of Clariti through our early adopter group!

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