Customer Stories: Laura Kieft of Laura’s Bakery

It’s no secret we’re big fans of our Clariti users. We love catching up with them and getting a behind-the-scenes peek into how they organize their blog content. We thought you might be interested too, so we are sharing their stories right here on the blog. Meet Laura Kieft of Laura’s Bakery.

Allea Grummert

Email Marketing Strategist & Conversion Copywriter

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It’s no secret we’re big fans of our Clariti users. We love catching up with them and getting a behind-the-scenes peek into how they organize and optimize their blog content. We thought you might be interested too, so we are sharing their stories right here on the blog.

Everyone… meet Laura!

Laura, please tell us about the site you have on Clariti. Do you have a specific niche?

I run Laura’s Bakery (on Instagram as @inlaurasbakery), the largest baking blog in the Netherlands. With over 3000 recipes for the most delicious baked goods and appetizers, I want to show home bakers that baking is fun and delicious.

Why is it important for you to update and organize your content for your blog?

Well, it really started just over a year ago. I have been blogging since 2010. When I started, I mainly focused on publishing new content without giving much attention to updating old articles. 

However, when the pandemic hit, my ad income from Dutch Ad Management companies plummeted, and I realized I needed to explore other avenues to boost my revenue. After switching to MediaVine, my income increased by 400%. This made me realize that my website’s performance was vital, and I needed to update and organize my content more effectively. 

Why does SEO matter for your business, and what kind of success have you seen from optimizing your content?

As a food blogger, the more traffic we receive, the greater the opportunity to engage with our audience, build our brand, and monetize our content through advertising, sponsored partnerships, and affiliate marketing. 

Increased traffic leads to more exposure, attracting potential sponsors and advertisers. It also provides a larger audience base for us to connect with and deliver valuable content to.  

Personally, we have seen substantial results from our efforts, with an increase of around 20-44% in monthly website visitors, all thanks to effective SEO strategies. 

What led you to consider using Clariti for your content organization?

Before discovering Clariti, I struggled to find an efficient way to update and organize my content. I had started using an Excel spreadsheet, but it was not ideal to track all the tasks and projects.  

When my friend introduced me to Clariti and showed me what it could do, I realized it offered a comprehensive solution to manage and optimize my content effectively. I was so glad she told me about it.

Clariti provides a centralized platform where I can track my projects, monitor traffic, identify areas that need attention, and use it to bolster and direct my SEO strategy. 

It has been the perfect tool to help me organize and streamline my content management process!

How did you learn to use Clariti? Did it take you some time?

At first, I felt overwhelmed with all the possibilities, but with time, I started exploring its features and gradually integrated it into my workflow. 

Learning to use Clariti was surprisingly intuitive, and I didn’t require extensive training. My friend provided some initial guidance, and I watched a few videos to get familiar with the platform. 

The setup process was incredibly easy. All I had to do was connect Clariti to my WordPress and Google Analytics accounts, and within a day, all the data was imported into the platform. 

After just a few weeks of using Clariti and actively working with it, I became comfortable with its functionalities. 

How has Clariti supported your process for determining what NEW content to create?

While I used to rely more on intuition and gut feeling when deciding what content to create, Clariti has transformed my approach by providing valuable data insights. 

I now base my content creation decisions more on data from Clariti in combination with my other SEO tools, like KeySearch and Google Search Console. I find themes in Clariti and take those themes to KeySearch to look for specific content ideas. For instance, if I notice that strawberry recipes are highly popular in the last month or during hot summer days, content related to ice cream, smoothies, and milkshakes will resonate well with my audience. 

And while Clariti guides me with data-driven insights, I still rely on my creativity to produce unique and valuable content. I also maintain a long list of ideas and recipes I want to explore and create.

How does your team use Clariti? What projects do you focus on?

When it comes to optimizing content, I use Clariti to assign tasks to my team members. We have a few go-to projects in Clariti that we revisit and update annually, including:

  • Holiday post updates
  • Affiliate link updates
  • Recipe roundups

So for holiday posts, we analyze what new recipes could be added to our site (new content) or if any existing recipes require updates (optimization) based on their popularity from the previous year. If there’s a chance we can rank for something new — or higher for something existing — we use projects in Clariti to make it easy to update posts on our site to perform their best!

Then we have a project dedicated to keeping our affiliate links updated. I have one team member in charge of these tasks, including adding links into older articles. Clariti makes it easy for her to prioritize the most important articles based on views, making it easier to manage and track her tasks. 

Another team member handles recipe roundups — which we have a lot of — to ensure that alt-text is updated and correct, the article structure is sound, and that new recipes are included in relevant, existing roundups. This process involves changing recipes within the roundup based on popularity or seasonal relevance in order to better serve our readers (and send more traffic to those new posts!).

We also have projects dedicated to addressing broken links and broken images and ensuring that all articles are SEO-friendly. 

With Clariti, I can easily see the progress of my team’s projects, identify if a project is nearing completion, or determine if we need to start a new project. It brings a sense of organization and clarity to my workflow, saving me time and reducing my mental load. 

My team and I are always coming up with new ideas of ways we can use Clariti. We just started a project for recipes that are doing “okay” but have room for growth, instead of focusing on only our best performing recipes, which is how we started. I’m excited to see what updating those recipes will do. 

What would you say are your favorite features about Clariti? If you had to pick one?

One of my favorite features of Clariti is seeing updates on a timeline. It’s very convenient to track when updates were made to specific articles. For example, if I want to see if a post has seen an increase in page views after an update, I can easily refer to the timeline and pinpoint the exact update we made that caused that jump. This feature has been incredibly handy for analyzing the impact of changes and improvements over time. 

Screenshot of annotations feature in Clariti

Another feature I love is the Explore page, it has tons of filters where I can sort and view my blog content by page views and the growth or change in traffic over certain time periods. It allows me to identify trending topics and themes, then I’ll label them based on like things or apply projects to a batch of blog posts from this view.

Screenshot of Explore page in Clariti

What does Clariti provide for you now that you didn’t have before?

Clariti has consolidated our content library into one centralized platform and makes it easier to monitor and analyze the progress of our SEO efforts.

Now we can make decisions based on both data (thanks to Clariti) and our own relationship with our readers (thanks to the time we’ve taken to know and get familiar with our audience) in order to create new content, optimize what we have, and measure what content performs well so that we can stay ahead in search ranking.

What would you say if you were to recommend Clariti to fellow content creators?

I have already recommended Clariti to several fellow content creators! Clariti is perfect for organizing content and staying on top of updates, assigning and tracking projects, and analyzing post updates’ with ease. It has become a huge part of our strategy and it pays off.

If you want to enhance your content management process, improve SEO, and save time, Clariti is definitely worth considering!

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