Clariti Release Notes: Keyword search data added! Plus custom post types and other new features based on your feedback!

Explore keyword search data, custom post types, and more!

Ben Holland

General Manager

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Clariti is the content organization system built just for bloggers. Our goal is to help you understand what optimizations you need to make with your content, track the work, and see the results over time.

As we get feedback from our early adopter group, we’re making updates as quickly as we can to shape Clariti into a tool that serves bloggers and content creators in the best way possible.

We are striving to make Clariti the best blog content organization system, built just for bloggers. We’re excited to announce a few enhancements that have been requested by our early adopters!

Keyword Rank Data

It’s been a long time since we hoped to bring this data to you… And we’re just getting started! You should now see keyword rank data for each post. You can designate any of the top keywords to be a “focus keyword,” which in an upcoming release will allow you to track the change in average position over time, among many other things. We thought we’d get this initial version out so you can play with it and give us your feedback while we finish the rest of this feature. We’re so excited about the future of being able to track and filter your data based on keyword performance. More to come!

Animation of keyword rank data in Clariti

Custom Post Types

We’ve had so many of you inquire about posts that aren’t vanilla “posts” or “pages” in WordPress (for example, some of you have “recipe” post types). We’re pleased to announce that Clariti now supports custom post types! By default, Clariti will check for and sync post, page, or recipe post types. If your site has other post types (e.g. exercise, tutorial, podcast, or anything else), please reach out to our top-notch support team and we’ll add any other post types you need.

As you would expect, you can now filter by post type in the Explore page. You can also add a column to display the post type or even export it to a CSV.

Please make sure you update your Clariti plugin to version 0.2.0 to automatically pull in new custom post types!

Animation of custom post types in Clariti

Bulk Remove/Manage Labels

We know how frustrating it can be if you’ve accidentally added a label to many posts. Now you can easily bulk remove labels from posts! Simply click on the action menu and select “Manage Labels” to add or remove labels from many or all of your posts.

Animation of bulk remove and manage labels in Clariti

Ignore Amazon Pixels in Missing Alt Text

Got more missing alt text than you think you should have? Yeah, we know. For some of our customers, Amazon has placed tracking pixels that are disguised as images on your post. We now ignore those so they no longer mess up your missing alt text count.

Google Analytics Accuracy Improvements

We don’t want to brag, but this is a big deal. We’ve completely revamped the way we sync and store Google Analytics data, to bring you the freshest, most accurate Google Analytics data we can possibly pull in. This was a huge undertaking and we appreciate so many of you for continuing to help us refine this important piece of Clariti. If you see any inconsistencies or have questions about this, please reach out to us!!

Post Type and Post or Content ID in Columns in Explore

Many of you have requested that we add the Post Type and the Post or Content ID to Explore for better filtering and searching. You can now select those by clicking on the Column button.

Additionally, if you want to search for a specific post by ID, you can type “id=12523” in the search box to directly filter by that post.

Other fixes and behind-the-scenes improvements

  • Improved handling of removal of posts
  • Click on a label in Explore and it will automatically filter by that label
  • Customers who are no longer active subscribers can log in and reactivate their account or update their payment method
  • Some cleanup around the way we handle broken links
  • Paving the path for some exciting Google Search keyword ranking features coming soon… 🤫]

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Want to see it all in action?

Watch the May 2022 demo of Clariti to see how to best use these new features.

Video preview of May 2022 product updates
Watch this behind-the-scenes demo with our Product Manager Ben Holland
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