We’re Hiring! Customer Success Representative

We’re adding to our team and looking for a self-starting customer success representative to help take care of our growing community of Clariti users!

Clariti is the content organization system built just for bloggers. Our goal is to help you understand what optimizations you need to make with your content, track the work, and see the results over time.

We’re a nimble, scrappy team and we need someone else with the same gusto to join us!

Customer Success Rep

Main thing you’ll do: Moderate and provide support to Clariti customers and contacts in Intercom, email, and Slack

Other Important Things You’ll Do:

  • Create resources and posts to help customers get the most out of Clariti
  • Direct contacts to helpful resources on the Clariti support site
  • Help customers get started using Clariti with some basic helpful SEO tips
  • Investigate payment issues and create detailed support tickets for our development team
  • Stay up to date with SEO industry trends
  • Answer basic sales questions about Clariti membership
  • Report on common customer issues
  • Create weekly reports on key metrics
  • Improve our customer service process

About the Company

Clariti is a part of TinyBit, a ~20 person company whose other businesses include Pinch of Yum and Food Blogger Pro. We are a tight-knit yet distributed team that loves food (obviously!) and prioritizes kindness and gratitude.

Our core values are:

  1. 1% Infinity – As a company, our purpose is to help people get a tiny bit better, every day, forever. This is reflected in the work we do in two ways: 1. We are constantly thinking about how the products or services we are creating help to improve someone’s life or business. 2. We are constantly thinking about how we can train, support, empower, and improve the lives of our teammates. We take time to listen, guide, and encourage each other and seek ways to understand who our teammates are and what they want to be in the world.
  2. Internally Motivated, Team-Focused – We are artists, creators, and craftspeople who take pride in the work we do. Individually, we seek to be better in order to do better. Better work means greater impact. Collectively, we know that our ability to make an impact is multiplied when working with other individuals who are equally motivated to be better and do better.
  3. Energy Giving, Not Taking – We understand that the work we do, and the people we do it with, is one of the most significant decisions we can make in life. It’s for this reason that we are building a team of people who are energy givers, not takers. Some common traits of energy givers include the ability to authentically praise someone else, an interest in others’ lives, being fully present and listening well, and a willingness to laugh, have fun, and play.
  4. Do the Work – If something needs to get done we do it. We are not above doing small tasks that need to happen in order to move our mission and purpose forward. At the same time, we’re smart about how we delegate, outsource, and strategically work with a team to allocate tasks to areas of expertise and, when appropriate, find ways to have someone else take on tasks and responsibilities in a way that allows us to work on our areas of unique ability.
  5. Unsurpassable Worth – We believe that every person we interact with, whether a reader, customer, or teammate, has unsurpassable worth, and we treat them as such. In this way, we are all on the same level. This is true regardless of race, religion, gender, nationality, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.

Hours: 20/week

Schedule: Monday-Friday. The time is flexible, but a relatively consistent schedule anywhere from 9am PT to 5pm PT is preferred.

Location: Anywhere in the US! You’ll be working remotely.

Starting Date: May 2023 or ASAP!

A Great Fit Would:

  • Be a ridiculously good communicator, particularly in writing – this is non-negotiable because this position is remote and strong communication is a must
  • Be experienced with and have a passion for customer service
  • Have a basic understanding of or interest in SEO and content creation
  • Feel comfortable answering payment-related questions
  • Can explain technical ideas in approachable, encouraging language
  • Feel comfortable working with Stripe and WordPress
  • Be passionate about blogging and content creation
  • Be able to explain technical ideas in approachable, encouraging language
  • Understand how Intercom and Slack work
  • Have solid researching skills to help customers with their issues
  • Stay organized to make sure that everyone gets an answer within a timely manner
  • Have a positive, helpful attitude
  • Be familiar with blogging and basic project management

Ready to apply? Start the application here.

We are so excited to add to our team! If you have any questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]

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Ben is a father of 3 boys, a husband, a musician, and a product guy. Ben has spent nearly 15 years building software products from mobile apps, games, to web apps. He has a Bachelor of Science in Writing & Rhetoric from the University of Utah, an MBA from Arizona State University, and a Master of Science in Business Analytics.

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